Jul 082013
Event Security

New York City Event Security

The Boston Marathon bombing served as another grim reminder that regardless of how thoroughly an event security plan is developed and put in place, there is always that slight chance that something will be missed – with devastating results. New York City has taken the Boston tragedy seriously and has ramped up its security protocols for all city venues.

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New York City is a mecca for hundreds of spectacular events every year, drawing thousands of people from all over the United States and the world. Regardless of the size, complexity or sophistication of an event, the need for absolute security is an imperative. New York event security organizations provide tailored security programs that insure the success and safety of any event – large or small.

Successful event security starts with a firm that has the right people to assess and design a security program that addresses all event issues. Working in concert with the NYPD, New York event security teams composed of highly trained individuals recruited from the best of New York City and federal law enforcement painstakingly review an upcoming event to analyze risk and identify potential weaknesses. From that assessment a comprehensive security plan is developed that discreetly controls access to the event and protects attendees.

Once an event security plan is developed, event planners are completely briefed on the plan and their security roles prior to the event. This review process is aggressively revisited and updated up until the first day of the event and continues until the event ends. Every detail of security and safety during an event is monitored.

Professional New York event security teams use passive and aggressive techniques and tools designed to anticipate any potential security breach. As an example, many New York hotels have begun to use security firms as a deterrent by checking key cards as a way of insuring that only registered guests can enter a hotel. Crowd control can be accomplished by using barricades to close off streets. Perimeter control of a show can be accomplished by positioning plain clothes security personnel in and around a building and mixing them with attendees.

Because large crowd events, especially in New York City, are a potential target for terrorist, security also means being alert for distractions that could be the precursor to a security problem requiring an appropriate and quick response. For this reason, security teams are often include armed as well as unarmed members. Armed team members are carefully selected and have extensive training and real life experience in discreetly and yet forcefully dealing with life or property threatening situations.

New York is justifiably proud of its reputation as a center for world class shows of every kind. For that reason, New York event security teams are also highly proactive. Their goal is to develop a plan that leaves absolutely nothing to chance, communicates the importance of security to planners and other key players and executes the security plan flawlessly and successfully. An event or show that finishes without a security incident is the accolade every New York event security firm works to achieve.