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David Stone's Security Team

David Stone’s Security Team

Today’s world climate has dramatically changed as into the prior days leading to the 9/11 Tragedy. Stone Security Service is preparing, and adapting, to the new challenges coming our way. David Stones’ experience, supported with a team of counter terrorism experts, and professionals, understand that it is just a matter of when, and where, our next terrorist attack will happen. With the New Terrorist group ISIS, having their sites on America, they make Al-Qaeda look like amateurs. This group is bloodthirsty, their hate has no boundaries for any religion or race. Their ideology, and barbaric behavior and actions, that is what makes them so dangerous.

Our security experts analyze the world security climate daily, and understand and accept that we face a bigger threat now, than ever before. With our countries porous borders, and 100’s of immigrants from all over the world using Mexico, and Canada as the beltway to enter our country on an hourly and daily basis to plan their terror strategy. Sleeper cells are in place, waiting for the “go signal” or the “lets attend the wedding” signal, along with the lone wolf, diligence, awareness, and proper planning is more crucial than ever.

David Stone and his security experts are now providing “boots on the ground” for high profile landmark buildings, Houses of Worship, and private schools where the children of America’s Wealthiest, and well-known children attend. Uniformed Police officers can only do so much. They have to patrol the streets, write moving violations, and respond to vehicle accidents, and 911 calls over their radio. They don’t provide security everywhere. It’s a misconception. They are emergency responders, and that’s when its to late.

Stone Security Service, does a site analysis for his clients, exposes their weaknesses, and implements a tight ring of security, including counter surveillance. This costs a lot money, and corporate America, who does not like spending money on “real professional security” is now getting the understanding that they have to secure their employees and iconic reputations, before its too late. The new enemy is very patient, and will exploit an opportunity, when the timing works for them.

When you have a counter terrorism security team in place at the same place everyday, they know what moving elements belong or don’t belong in the ring of the security zone. We have no problem profiling individuals with back packs, and cameras, and take more pictures than the usual tourist. Once they set up a tripod, camera, and laser measuring devices it should raise some suspicion they are just not there for a photo opportunity. We are now implementing the Israeli mentality, of standard operating procedure, that you must be ready to go at anytime, because it is only a matter of time. Aggressive Diligence and Pro-active security measures must be exercised. Hurt feelings, are not the issue. If your gut and experience make you uneasy, engage or be engaged.

Forget the “suit and tie look”, blend in with the public. Drop the 9 mm, upgrade and carry the 45 Caliber. These new idealists, mean business, and so do we, protecting American interests, and our citizens.