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Tips for Ensuring Your NYC Event is Safe

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Jul 182016

event-security-new-york-cityEvent Security is a hot-button issue for everyone these days. The first family, the royal family, heck, even your own family has no doubt been touched by security concerns at home, school, work or on the road. Event marketers are no exception. From red carpet affairs to county fairs, trade shows to fashion shows, having the proper security measures in place can ease the minds of attendees, exhibitors, speakers and celebrity guests, and even reduce insurance costs.

“Having event security sends guests the message that not only do you have their safety in mind, it tells them that the event is important enough to have security on hand,” says David Stone, ceo and founder of Stone Security Services, a former New York City detective and security expert whose company secures more than 500 events each year in Los Angeles, Miami and the Big Apple with event security agents, bodyguards and personal protection specialists. “This can be a great way to boost the prestige level of your event and to show others that you take event planning seriously enough to cover all contingencies.”

Event security is the one thing that planners and production companies tend to spend the least on, however. “But it is one of the most important things about your event,” Stone says. “The world security climate for the U. S. has changed. It’s unfortunate, but this is the time we live in.”

Here, Stone offers his top eight tips for event security in the modern world.

1. Enlist Expert Advice

Hire experts who know how to cope with large numbers of people and handle any situation or threat with a professional response that does not cause a scene. Ask for references and make sure they are properly insured. Many individuals state they have an event security company but don’t have insurance or experience.

2. Assess Your Event

Before requesting the number of event security guards you think you need, let the security expert assess your event based on capacity, attendees, venue and nature of your event to determine whether it is “high” or “low” profile experience.

“The organizer may describe the event as a product launch, but it could be for a sensitive product that may not be liked by certain people or groups. The same for charity events and fundraisers with corporate ceos and wealthy people in attendance,” Stone says. “Someone with a grudge against the company or the executive could try to come in and protest, disrupt or do harm.”

3. Prepare for Protest

Always be clear with the event security expert if the client sponsoring the event may draw hatred or negative feedback toward their mission. People may launch an attack against a company they feel discriminates against its workers, doesn’t pay them enough, mismanaged their retirement portfolios or any other reason they feel is justified.

Have the event security experts liaise with the local police department and let them know who and what is happening.

4. Screen Guests and Staff

Make sure all guests are properly screened and checked in with proper credentials. “Are you trying to prevent party crashers from sneaking in and having a few shrimp or bashing for a free beer, or are you trying to prevent a more serious disruption?” says Stone. The event security staff will familiarize themselves with the guest list and turn away those who have not been formally invited.

Additionally, have your event security partner screen all vendors and their employees supplying services, to see if they are biased towards the event.

5. Skip the Surprise Searches

Invitations should disclose that “all persons and property are subject to search” and proper ID is required. That way there will be no surprises at the door. Some events are no-cell phone zones. “We take their cell phones away so they can’t photograph what is going on, or post it to a social media site,” Stone says. “We check them with a coat-check ticket and they get it back on their way out.”

6. Budget for Safety

In today’s world climate of terrorism, for high-profile events save your money on the shrimp and lobster and direct it towards event security, walk-through metal detectors, K-9 sweeps and more. “If you shop by price, you will get your unwanted guests and sleeping guards,” Stone says. “Budget is very important. People need to know what they are getting themselves into and what the scope of their event is.”

A red-carpet affair with top-level security normally requires “platinum” level event security from a top-level provider with mostly off-duty police officers on hand. A middle-level package involves licensed security guards, perhaps someone who works as a janitor during the day and moonlights as a security guard by night. The lowest level provides fire guards, which are required by law and varies from state-to-state.

7. Have Medical Support

For large capacity events always have an emergency medical crew onsite for first response and to handle the unexpected food allergy, medical condition, heart attack or slip and fall head injury.

8. Create Clear Credentials

Always make sure that staff is clearly identified as staff, and not guests, with clear description of credentials.

by Sandra O’Loughlin

The Role Of Event Staff

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Apr 302014

Stone Security Services Event SecurityHaving specially trained security professionals watching over your event and the safety of the guests and participants is essential, regardless of the size of the event. You want things to run smoothly, whether it’s a small party or gathering of friends, or a large group of people. Professional security staff are trained to handle potentially aggressive or excitable crowds and can help to ensure your event runs smoothly. You can be assured that your event is safe and secure by using Stone Security Services.

Hiring professionally trained security staff to oversee your next event or function has several obvious advantages. New York event staff are able to handle any security issues whether it is concerning a large group or just one individual, and they have the necessary training and expertise to do that. However, their services can also be used at the party or other event itself.

Different events tend to attract different people who behave in different ways, and experienced New York event staff are trained to identify these different types of behavior and deal with them accordingly. They are able to identify rowdy or disruptive people and make sure that they are removed from the premises so that they do not spoil your event. New York event security staff are good at what they do and are able to handle a situation with the minimum of fuss and are professional and discrete in their dealings. As well as providing the security that is so important to any large or small function, event staff make a point of making sure that their clients are happy. In addition to providing security at functions and parties, they can provide security for a wide range of other events such as product launches, after parties and store openings. Of course, many executives and celebrities who work in or live in New York also have bodyguards who are security staff.

Having a clear idea of the type and size of party or other event in New York that you want to host is just one of the factors to consider if you are thinking of hiring event staff. You will need to know how many security professionals you need to have at your event, and that will largely depend on the expected number of guests or attendees, as well as the type of function. One of the most important roles of experienced security event staff is to make sure that the right people are allowed to attend, and to make sure that those without invitations are not allowed admittance. Some event staffing companies in the city make a point of providing their services on an ongoing basis, and if you have a public building, store, restaurant or other location where you will need security permanently, this can be the way to go about it. Other security and staffing companies will provide staffing for a unique or one time event and will do so on a contractual basis, for as long as the event is still going on.

New York City Event Security – Expecting The Unexpected

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Jul 082013
Event Security

New York City Event Security

The Boston Marathon bombing served as another grim reminder that regardless of how thoroughly an event security plan is developed and put in place, there is always that slight chance that something will be missed – with devastating results. New York City has taken the Boston tragedy seriously and has ramped up its security protocols for all city venues.

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New York City is a mecca for hundreds of spectacular events every year, drawing thousands of people from all over the United States and the world. Regardless of the size, complexity or sophistication of an event, the need for absolute security is an imperative. New York event security organizations provide tailored security programs that insure the success and safety of any event – large or small.

Successful event security starts with a firm that has the right people to assess and design a security program that addresses all event issues. Working in concert with the NYPD, New York event security teams composed of highly trained individuals recruited from the best of New York City and federal law enforcement painstakingly review an upcoming event to analyze risk and identify potential weaknesses. From that assessment a comprehensive security plan is developed that discreetly controls access to the event and protects attendees.

Once an event security plan is developed, event planners are completely briefed on the plan and their security roles prior to the event. This review process is aggressively revisited and updated up until the first day of the event and continues until the event ends. Every detail of security and safety during an event is monitored.

Professional New York event security teams use passive and aggressive techniques and tools designed to anticipate any potential security breach. As an example, many New York hotels have begun to use security firms as a deterrent by checking key cards as a way of insuring that only registered guests can enter a hotel. Crowd control can be accomplished by using barricades to close off streets. Perimeter control of a show can be accomplished by positioning plain clothes security personnel in and around a building and mixing them with attendees.

Because large crowd events, especially in New York City, are a potential target for terrorist, security also means being alert for distractions that could be the precursor to a security problem requiring an appropriate and quick response. For this reason, security teams are often include armed as well as unarmed members. Armed team members are carefully selected and have extensive training and real life experience in discreetly and yet forcefully dealing with life or property threatening situations.

New York is justifiably proud of its reputation as a center for world class shows of every kind. For that reason, New York event security teams are also highly proactive. Their goal is to develop a plan that leaves absolutely nothing to chance, communicates the importance of security to planners and other key players and executes the security plan flawlessly and successfully. An event or show that finishes without a security incident is the accolade every New York event security firm works to achieve.

Benefits Of Having Security For An Event In New York City

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Jun 242013
David Stone Morgan Freeman

David Stone with Morgan Freeman

When you are hosting an event, whether it’s a large one or a small gathering for family and friends, it is important to have security professionals watching over the event. These individuals are particularly trained to oversee that everything relating to the security of the event runs smoothly. They are trained to handle large crowds of people and be able to handle the aggressiveness of such crowds, with ease and competence. New York event security service providers ensure that your event is properly handled. It is particularly important to ensure that the security of an event you are hosting is strict. This can only be done by professionally trained security personnel.

There are quite a good number of benefits that arise from the roles that security personnel’s play. Essentially, New York event security personnel have undergone the necessary training to handle any issues concerning the security of a person attending an event or the entire groups of people in the event. The services they offer do not start and end at the door or entrance of an event location. Such services also extend to the party itself.

Different events always have a varied atmosphere surrounding it. People act in a variety of ways also depending on the nature of the event. To ensure that rowdy people are handled properly, without causing a scene, you should consider hiring New York event security providers such as stone security. Most of these professionals act in such a way that, you will not need to worry about the attention a culprit will be creating because; these security personnel handle themselves quite discreetly and professionally.

New York event security companies focus mainly on client satisfaction in addition to ensuring security for the client. They also provide professional consultations regarding issues of security in an event. The services they provide are not only restricted to high-end events. They can also provide security service to store opening events, after parties, product launches, celebrity bodyguards and executive security for diplomats and corporate executive personnel.

To enjoy the full benefits of a New York event security service providers, there are certain factors that you have to consider properly. One of them is having knowledge of the kind of party you want to host. This will help you find the right company and consult on the security detail they can offer. This also helps you to identify the intensity of the security detail you will want to hire. You must also know how many people you will have for the party. This will enable the service providers to monitor the number of people who attend the event and be able to keep away people who do not have proper invitation. It is important to note that New York event security provide their service on contractual basis. Some of their services last for as long as the event is still going on as in the case of a conference, while others can be contracted to provide full time security detail on for an individual or for a particular building.

Move With Confidence In NYC With A Bodyguard From Stone Security

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Apr 202012

New York is an incredible city. You can find whatever you seek somewhere in this setting. It is full of good and bad. Often the bad finds you. Stone Security can safeguard you against the city’s evil components, and allow you to circulate freely no matter where you set foot in town. You can have a great time, see what you came to see and accomplish much more. You will never be concerned for your personal safety or intimidated. Our company will provide you with professional New York Bodyguard services that are unsurpassed. We know how to keep you out of harm’s way and not draw any attention. Our experienced, professional staff is the best of its kind in the city. We have a reputation among many well known celebrities and VIPs for providing maximum security in a very discreet fashion. Put your trust in Stone Security. We will be there at your side. We have your back.

When you are in the body guard selection mode, there are certain safeguards and precautions you must take. The cost of such a service always enters into the equation, but it is certainly should not be the only consideration. Experience counts for a lot here. You can be assured that our bodyguards have plenty of valid, meaningful experience. They also have knowledge acquired from years in the field, working on every imaginable security issue. We know that some of these components will factor into your specific requirements. We come prepared for every eventuality. You can feel more secure because of that.

That is exactly what Stone Security offers their clients. Experience, professionalism, price and accumulated knowledge. They are all part of the package. There are no shortcuts when the safety and security of our clients are concerned. Our professionals are trained to operate with precision in every imaginable environment.

Therein lies the story behind our success and the reason our firm has risen to the top of the field. We can custom design a program to dovetail with your style and needs. You will like our overall package, and will feel comfortable with our staff. We will make certain of that. Our men regard each of their assigned clients as their personal responsibility and vow to protect you as if you were a member of their own family. Best of all, we can easily make our services work within your budget. You will be in the best hands. That is our promise to you.

Super Bowl Security

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Feb 012011

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano joined NFL security director Milt Ahlerich and local Dallas law enforcement officials on Monday to detail the plans to safeguard the Super Bowl. And Ahlerich pleaded for cooperation and patience from the tens of thousands of attendants at Sunday’s game.

Of course the only way to make a dent in the improvement is to use screening like is done at an airport. Besides the screening, fans will be limited to what they can carry into the stadium. According to the information, available, only small items will be allowed in. This prohibition includes cameras and binoculars over 6 inches. Also noted was that the league will not hold any of these items for the uninformed fans.

Of course, it is recommended to arrive early to get in. The local and federal law enforcement agencies have been working with the NFL to protect the event. Even the air space around the stadium will be controlled. Not only will the air space around the event be controlled but there are reports that there will be an increased air marshal presents in and out of Dallas airport. This heightened sense of security is being considered a level one national security event. There is a campaign being promoted that advises fans to say something if they see something.

Recently there was a report of an suspicious object located near the stadium. It turned out to be trash. In reference to this finding, the Arlinton, Texas police chief said he wants the public to continue reporting anything unusual and not be concerned if it turns out to be a false alarm. This shows the true diligence and seriousness that is embraced during these types of event that call for such an elevated sense of security.

Stone Security Services

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Jul 142010

Stone Security Services was founded by David Stone who left the NYPD to follow his vision of developing a first-class security organization that would meet the growing need for high-level protective services in New York City, Miami and the Los Angeles area. Stone Security Services is among the first security firms to effectively utilize the services of off-duty police officers and expertly trained security personnel